Partner Opportunities

If you would like to be involved with CAHSEE, here's how to help:

Corporations and Government Agencies are encouraged to:

  • Fund a YEP/STEM Institute Site.
  • Have your CEO or appropriate person be a CAHSEE Board Member.
  • Participate in CAHSEE's YESP/JESP internship programs.
  • Provide office space and other in-kind resources to CAHSEE.
  • Provide CAHSEE with an executive, engineer, or scientist on loan.

Educational foundations are encouraged to:

  • Fully or partially fund a YEP/STEM Institute site.
  • Fund CAHSEE's YESP/JESP interns at premier government labs.
  • Fund or provide office space for CAHSEE.
  • Advise and assist CAHSEE in its fundraising efforts.
  • Provide funds for CAHSEE's administrative cost.

Community based organizations are encouraged to:

  • Make donations or organize fund-raisers for CAHSEE.
  • Provide educational assistance for CAHSEE's college students.
  • Promote CAHSEE within their community.
  • Provide CAHSEE with key contacts and leads.
  • Become active advocates of CAHSEE's goals and objectives.
  • Be part of CAHSEE's national publicity effort to promote science and engineering among Latino youth.

Individuals are encouraged to:

  • Make tax deductible contributions to CAHSEE.
  • Become a CAHSEE Volunteer in one of its programs.

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